Welcome to the world of healthy hair detangling!

WetBrush is the perfect brush for detangling children and adult hair: at home in the shower, after a wash, on the beach or in a hair salon.

All WetBrush brushes have IntelliFlex® bristles with a SofTips™ tip for gentle detangling and shaping!

IntelliFlex bristles prevent any hair being pulled, broken, torn or tangled. No more split ends, no more hair loss. Just HEALTHY combing and detangling of wet and dry hair.

The exclusive tips of the SofTips bristles are twice fastened, are extremely soft and are guaranteed not to fall off. Namely, a special production process ensures softness, strength and durability.

WetBrush brushes are very soft, help prevent extra hair loss due to combing and are ideal for sensitive scalps.

We offer a wide selection of brushes for wet or dry detangling of hair, brushes are also suitable for hair extensions and wigs. You can choose between various colors, combinations and patterns, men's, women's and children's models.

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