You know Parlux as...

The new motor grants to the hairdryers longer life and more power.

The Parlux Melody Silencer is a Patent Pending accessory that significantly reduce the noice of the hairdryer.


Parlux Tecnological evolution allowed to to offer and exceptionally light hairdryer with all the caracterichtics the professionals need.

QUALITY AND DURABILITY it's the main feature of PARLUX products.

Italian design and advance technologies are part of each Parlux hairdryer:

-  IONIC & CERAMIC technology reduces drying time while preserving the integrity of hair. This new technology preserves the natural moisture in the hair, making it shinier, softer and healthier.
 THE LOGO ECO-FRIENDLY shows the care and dedication that PARLUX takes in creating ecological products with low-environmental impact while still maintaining its renowned quality status as the manufacturer of the best professional hair-products in the world.

> use of highly recyclable materials: all components are fully regenerable, free of harmful elements and painted with no-toxic paints;
> low noise: development of new built-in silencer "patent pending" which greatly reduces the "noise" perceived by the hairdresser and the client;
> energy saving: the attention of PARLUX in improving drying time saves energy with a positive impact to the environment;
> ozone friendly: during drying, at any speed and temperature, there are no harmful emissions;
> use of environmentally friendly packaging and documentation: they are all made and printed on recycled paper and cardboard, 100% biodegradable.


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