PRONEGA, hairdresser store, Ltd. is a young company that has been successfully pursuing its goals for over fifteen years. It is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in representing and selling high quality hair salon products on the Slovenian market. Carefully selected cosmetic products, accessories and equipment for hair salons meet the highest standards in terms of ingredients and materials and are geared towards meeting the needs of clients and end customers.



Our primary norm is quality and the associated careful and thoughtful selection of brands, which we represent on the local Slovenian market as well as on other foreign markets (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro). With a systematic approach, we want to exceed the expectations of our customers and offer them quality products that will meet even the most demanding wishes at reasonable prices.


Pronega, Ltd. Hairdressing Store pays great attention to fostering a healthy, confidential and professional relationship with its clients. Customer satisfaction is crucial for us, as it leads to successful and long-term cooperation. Our desire is to maintain a high level of quality of products with which we can meet the needs of our clients and to provide quality and top services, both in the hairdressing and the beauty salons. All this ensures the satisfaction of the end customer, who will gladly and with confidence return to us.


We believe that our outreach towards the society and environment in which we live and operate, the nature that surrounds us, is not just a business strategy, but a way of life and a mindset. It is important to GIVING BACK: to people, communities, environment and nature.

When you do good, good will come back to you, both in personal and business life. We believe in it, and we act accordingly. We believe that the social responsibility leads to a long-term success of the company. It is a responsibility that strives to meet the needs and interests of the company environment, the company itself and its employees.

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