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Ascèt is a brand that combines passion and knowledge, two loyal companions who have been writing stories in the Italian fashion and beauty industries for over 50 years.

Ascèt follows the philosophy and tradition of the renowned Italian design and searches for the ideal of timeless beauty: harmony of form, perfection of lines and a wide range of products intertwine in a continuous dialogue with the typical characteristics of feminine elegance, grace and purity, characteristics that apply to all ages and all generations.

A wide range of Ascèt products can meet every need and every style. Our desire is to offer new products for professional hairdressing and to reinforce the knowledge of experts (hairdressers), who are constantly hunting for news and innovative, effective and safe possibilities.

This awareness is reflected in its minimalist and simple design and in thoughtful lines that offer unique experiences, from both the technical and the visual and emotional points of view.

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