In 1998, a group of experienced professionals in the field of professional hair care from different countries decided to start a new business project under the slogan: QUALITY MADE IN ITALY. That is why they brought together the best experts in various fields and with different experiences and established the Artègo brand. The project was intended to educate and develop the technical skills, creativity of hairdressers and their artistic individuality.

For this reason, we are witnessing a growing recognition, not only in the domestic Italian market, where the company's headquarters and production are located, but also abroad, as Unicompany has decided to further strengthen the CONTENTS and VALUES of its BRAND by simply planning its OBJECTIVES, by defining its ACTIVITIES and full commitment to introducing INNOVATION in all areas of their operation.

We believe in knowledge, abilities and good actions.

Their DNA is made up of individuals who, through their knowledge and experience, effort and enthusiasm, care for and influence the development of high quality cosmetics for hair care and hair styling.

They believe that research, innovation and respect for the environment are very important, both for people and for knowledge.

Their guiding principle is optimism, leading them forward, allowing them to look and see beyond the horizon. And it is exactly this journey towards the horizon that enriches them with beauty.



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