John Paul Mitchell Systems

The Paul Mitchell brand began its development in California in the United States in 1980. The company's co-founders, Paul Mitchell and John Paul De Joria, were inspired to found a company that would offer luxury hair care at affordable prices. Today, their vision has become a reality. Paul Mitchell manufactures more than 100 products today: from award-winning hair styling and care products to premium hairstyle accessories for easier styling and professional hair colors.

The Paul Mitchell brand is designed for people, to feel beautiful, both internally and externally. When the clients opt for Paul Mitchell, they support various charitable projects around the world. All of Paul Mitchell's loyal customers have helped to plant innumerable forests, protect innumerable natural resources, feed thousands of children and much more.

More than a slogan, "We care" is a mindset, mission and lifestyle that the entire John Paul Mitchell Systems company is dedicated to: care for fellow beings, care for the environment and nature, and care for animals.

It is simply not enough for Paul Mitchell to produce the highest quality professional hair care products currently available. Paul Mitchell is (and always will be) committed to making the world even more beautiful than it is. It is the first professional cosmetics company to combat the testing of cosmetic products on animals, which it is still actively fighting for, supporting this fight globally.

The characteristic of the black / white packaging of the Paul Mitchell line and at the same time its strongest advantage is EASY USE: With quality ingredients, advanced technology and superior service, Paul Mitchell is the brand most trusted in hair care cosmetics.

Paul Mitchell Hair Care products are organized into categories and give us exactly what they promise: they are easy to use and sell. The original vision of all Paul Mitchell lines is to reduce the volume of work in the salon, while providing superior hair care: restore its health, shine and moisture in a natural and effective way.

Clean and simple: Paul Mitchell offers lavish hair care at affordable prices.




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