A hands story.


The best, handmade hairdressing scissors. They are made in Japan in the city of Niigata. An unknown place to most people. A place where tradition is merged with reality, where people work hard the land, where volcanoes babble every day, and where the cold sea continually reminds us that Japan is an island, a separate place. A wonderful place in Japan where the best handmade hairdressers scissors are made.


Because our main guideline is the development, the constant search for new models, the desire to always be one step ahead of the competition. We strive for new forms and at the same time proudly preserve the leading position of our distinctive, well known form - the "less is more" - high-end Japanese scissors.

Our advantage lies in over 25 years of sales experience and assistance in maintaining high quality hairdressers scissors.

We can boast a high level of knowledge and ability to approach the client, identify their needs and advise them when choosing and buying. Your loyalty and pleasure have spread the name Bmac among hundreds of clients around the world.

Our customer support is known for its extremely effective action and real satisfaction on our part. It is distinguished by results approaching the level of 100% success.


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