Terms of Use

Terms of Use

NOTICE: When using the website, the user agrees to comply with all the provisions specified in the general Terms of Use of the content of the web site www.pronega.si below.

By visiting the website and subscribing to the news, users agree to the General Terms of Use. If they do not agree with the General Terms of Use, it is not possible to use the website or subscribe to e-newsletter and fill in the forms on the site.

General Terms

The General Terms of Use (hereinafter: Terms of Use) of www.pronega.si (hereinafter: the Website) apply to the Terms of Use of the content on the Website. They constitute a legally valid and binding agreement between Pronega Ltd, Vipolže 19b, 5212 Dobrovo v Brdih (hereinafter: Service Provider) of any person who visits the website and / or uses the website in any other way (hereinafter: User).

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify and/or delete any part of the Website without prior notice. To ensure the best possible user experience, the Service Provider ensures that the website is constantly updated. The user acknowledges and agrees that the form and nature of the website will change from time to time without prior notice to the user.

Website accessibility

Websites are in principle accessible 24/7. The provider reserves the right to terminate the access to the website for a short period of time for technical reasons. The Service Provider also reserves the right to further terminate access to the Website in cases related to activities of maintenance and / or replacement of equipment. The Service Provider does not guarantee the access to the Website in the event of interruption in the networks of the ISP or any interruptions, errors and / or other technical disruptions or interruptions resulting from a failure of action of third parties (interruption of the Internet connection,  power outage ...) as well as in cases of force majeure.

Restricted access to the website

The Service Provider reserves the right to restrict or suspend the access to the content of web pages for a user's individual IP address if there is a suspicion of misuse specified in article 7 of these Terms of Use.

Age Restrictions and Liability

There are no age restrictions on the use of websites. Use of the websites is for the user's own use. Registration of other persons or filling in forms for other persons is not allowed, for which the user guarantees with full liability of indemnity and assumes passive legitimacy in case of dispute.

Privacy Policy and Cookies

The Privacy Policy and Web Cookies Policy are integral parts of these General Terms. The documents are available at the following links:

Privacy Policy

Cookies Policy




The user acknowledges that:

Web technologies for transfer and access to the web pages content  are not 100% reliable at all times. The Service Provider assumes no liability in the event of any interruption in the operation of third-party systems required to access the Website (Internet Service Provider, Power Provider ...)

The Service Provider is not responsible for malfunctioning of the services resulting from improper use or lack of knowledge of the users when using the services.

The user needs adequate software and hardware (computer, web browser, internet access) to use the services.

The Service Provider cannot technically guarantee the operation of the services in the event of interruption of the network of contractual partners, power outages or other technical interruptions that would temporarily disrupt  the operation of the services.

All information, materials and other content on the web pages are informative. The Service Provider will make its best efforts to ensure the best possible presentation and operation of the websites, as well as the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information presented on the Website. Nonetheless, the Service Provider assumes no responsibility for their accuracy, up-to-dateness and completeness.

Without the prior permission of the Service Provider, the pictures published on the website cannot  be copied, printed or stored. Without the prior permission of the Service Provider, the use of graphic elements and trademarks is explicitly prohibited.


The users agree:

not to use the content posted on the Website  for commercial, illegal or any other purpose other than those specified in these Terms of Use.

not to  distribute copyrighted content or content contained on the web sites.

not to attempt to obtain, collect and / or store personal information of other users of the Website.

not to  copy, store or forward all or parts of the content of the website in any way.

not to use computer codes, malicious software, or anything that may interfere with, disable, or damage the websites and / or the Service Provider and its software and hardware.


In case of problems or any questions you can send a message to: info@pronega.si. 

Violations of Terms of Use

The Service Provider reserves the right to deny access to the Website to users who violate the Terms of Use or the General Terms of Service. If the user causes any kind of damage to the Service Provider through their actions, they are fully liable, morally, materially and legally for that. You can notify us of any violations of the Terms of use and / or General Terms of Service  by other users,  by e-mail: info@pronega.si.



Changes and amendments to the General Terms of Use

In the event of changes to the regulations governing the operation of the website, data protection and other areas related to the operation of the website of the Service Provider, as well as in the event of a change in its own business policy, the Service Provider may modify and/or amend these Terms of Use, in each case notifying the users in an adequate manner, which in particular includes notification via the website www.pronega.si or via email, especially if the changes relate to the personal information protection policy. Any changes and/or amendments to the Terms of Use shall take effect and be used at the time of expiry of the eight-day period from the date of publication of the changes and/or amendments. If a change and/or amendment to the General Terms is necessary to comply with the regulations, such changes and/or amendments may enter into force in a shorter time.

A user who does not agree with changes and/or amendments to these Terms of Use must, within eight days of the date of publication of the notice of the change and/or amendment of the Terms of Use, cancel their registration or cease to use the services, content or anything else from the website. Otherwise, after the expiry of this time limit, it shall be deemed, in which case the contrary argument shall not be considered, that the user accepts the changes and/or amendments to the Terms of Use. The cancellation of registration is done by notifying the Service Provider in writing. The cancellation implies  that the user shall no longer use the Service Provider website in any way.

The General Terms of Service were adopted by the manager of the Service Provider in Vipolže on July 26, 2019.

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