We have met her. New Freedom Desire Collection.

On Sunday, May 12, we successfully held the spring Artego Day, conducted by Vincenzo Casillo, the renowned stylist and director of the art education company Artègo.

The seminar began with a brief theoretical presentation of fashion trends for this season, which also inspired the new Artego Spring-Summer collection. This was followed by a Look & learn presentation of haircut and dyeing techniques, where the Italian contractor was assisted by educators for Artego Slovenia, Anita Loboda and Darja Kornhausler, which was followed by the seminar participants demonstrating the acquired skills on mannequins in practice.

The Freedom desire collection expresses a desire for freedom and free expression. In this year's collections it is possible to notice the desire for physical contact with nature. Fashion designers have created combinations that successfully blend the glamorous with the simple and comfortable, where evening wear is complemented by flip-flops or low heel sandals. Artego's hairstylists incorporated these aspirations for freedom into their new collection, adding to it the atmosphere of the 70's. The impact of rock music is visible. The extravagance and rebellious spirit that characterize that period is augmented by the graphic contrasts and the psychedelic lights glamour.

We have actively followed the emergence of the collection characterized by graphic contrasts created by stepped and disconnected haircuts. Dyeing techniques are characterized by alternating light and dark colors, which in the end result in shine and depth, creating psychedelic glamour and the careless appearance. Characteristic are full fru fru hairstyles, which further emphasize graphics and contrast in style. Moderate refinement, which calls for freedom of movement.

The training seminar, a day of introducing new techniques and new collections, created creative energy among all participants, gave new inspiration, resolved creative dilemmas and enhanced the knowledge of each individual participant. New momentum, which will surely serve everyone well by the fall.

Thank you very much to everyone involved.